sheridan (sheridanwilde) wrote,

Forward-dated entry

Leave random comments here (as opposed to irrelevant comments on other posts) :)

Y'know when people put up entirely inappropriate posts on a random entry, just so that they can get into contact with someone?  Well, you don't have to do that now - you can just post here (it'll always[*] be at the top of my LJ page, and won't appear on other people's friends pages for all eternity either).
No doubt there'll be other things which I'll think of that everyone has to know right now which I may add to this entry in the future, but for the present, this is it.
[edit] If you want to be put onto my friends list, comment here. Note that almost my entire LJ is friends-only, so I can avoid psychos and stupid people (as previously mentioned on my userinfo page).
If you are on my friends list, and want to be taken off my geekery custom friends list (because you've got fed up of reading 'interesting' little bits of computer history, code fragments, notes and questions on computing in my LJ) then comment here.
Oh, and to make this all contemporary and reflective of current news - you might notice that this makes my LJ as a whole opt-in (like the good-ish spam) while the geekery friends list is opt-out (like the evil spam) >:D
Oh, and I'll be doing the same thing for a quizzes custom friends list (not that I ever post quizes and questionairres anyway).
[*]The date will be subject to change as I had wanted it to be the same as my estimated longevity. Unfortunately LJ doesn't yet support dates that far into the future (not sure if that's a good or bad thing).
Anyway, now you know.
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