sheridan (sheridanwilde) wrote,

Forward-dated entry

Leave random comments here (as opposed to irrelevant comments on other posts) :)
More infoCollapse )Anyway, now you know.
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Hey I tried to send an e-mail to your addy but it bounced... what is your current e-mail? Or just mail me at

Someone else tried to send email to that address and I couldn't figure out where they'd got it, as that addy ran out nearly two years ago, and I'd updated my profiles on LJ, netgoth and wherever else. I'd also updated the menu at the top of my website. Except, I know realise, for one - the one on the index page - oops - it's all updated now.

Hello, it's me - I shall add you to my friends list. Hopefully you'll recognise little me by my picture. don't like onions much, do you?

Oh, and I've a pretty good idea who you are - going to Slimes tonight?

Re: So...


14 years ago

Hello, I'm the random bird with the stripey tights.
Hey, could you SMS me so I've got your number in case I get lost on Sunday? 07812 048684

(Er, I always get lost...)

If I don't phone & don't turn up for Bibliogoths, it's 'cos I ran out of energy and have gone somewhere to sleep :p
hi sheridan its philippa. I'm going to add you now.

Realised next time I was online that I hadn't taken enough care to try to remember your LJ name...

You're added back - you'll be able to see a bit more now I've done that...

Re: rar!


14 years ago

I'm a rather intelligent Psychotherapisty type I'm also quite a geek as well.

I'm at sweetcyanide's thing-which-isn't-a-house-or-a-flat-but-something-in-between [0], and she's just explained to me who you are (in words of three syllables or less).

Erm, added - just after I post this.

[0] maisonette

Sheridan - e mail me again about this Sat!
Please can I have posting access to bibliogoth? Pretty please? And please can I be put back on the mailing list? :) x

As a matter of interest (and because you're not the only one to ask), why do you want posting access? Or do you just want to be able to reply to posts, which you can already?

What's the best email address for you to be subscribed as? Same as with Sluts?

Deleted comment

Sorry, I've put it behind an lj-cut, and am looking at the html now...

Did you once live around the Inverness area?

Why, was there once a Sheridan there? Or a Wilde perhaps?

Milk and one sugar.

NP. Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubine

Due to that opus of a statement, my comments page on this post now goes to two pages :)

hello found you whilst looking at the biblogoth info. May I add you to my freinds list?
The biblogoth thing sounds fantastic but unfortunatly I don't live in london and would never be able to come to the moots. :( Nice choice of book mind :)

I'm sure I shall soon find out (when I look at your userinfo), but where do you live? There are other chapters of Bibliogoth outside London. Well, okay one - in Colchester, which is pretty close to London anyway, but we aren't averse to expansion - there might be a third one soon!
Can I assume that you've read the book in question? There's nothing stopping you from joining the mailing list or the LJ community and contributing in that way - maybe commenting on the notes when I put them up?

Oh, and feel free to add me to your friends list!

Heya, hope you and Fran can come on saturday, if not we might go for a pint somewhere around here one of these days... do you mind giving me Fran's eMail, I have some hair dye question ! :)
oh, the point of this post:
Ben and I are planning on driving to the next Colchester meeting and so if you wanna ride with us let me know, and let we know if Fran is coming too. We are not 100% sure yet, but even if he does not go, I am coming, and then let me know how you go there and etc so I can hop along...

I'm not going to post Fran's email address here as it would then be possible for spam-bots to pick it up - haven't you got it anyway? From when we were trying to get a Whitby ticket from you?

I'd definately be interested in getting a lift to/from Colchester, though from what you've said it appears that you're going to be going up on the Sunday, instead of the Saturday (which means we'd be able to go to the Insanitorium gig). Even if you are going up on the Sunday I'd like to get a lift back with you, if at all possible.

cheers re my newby!just got ur text am pretty good in slimes on sat
luv julie-anne

Don't know what I'm doing this weekend yet - haven't been to Slimes... erm, this year I think...

I am so sorry I missed bibliogoth last week - I was strangely confident it was this weekend and I've only just checked it.
And now you will be quitting London and I will have failed utterly to keep up with you. Grrrr, and sundry noises of annoyance.

Many many apologies. Hope all is well.

I'll forgive you if you can make it to the next meeting for Crash! on the last day of this month - when are you next going to be in London?

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