sheridan (sheridanwilde) wrote,

wednesday and friday

Am going to Godlike on Wednesday, at the Monsta Bar in Camden (not that I ever went, but I'm lead to believe it used to be called the G Lounge?)

'tis at Godlike, a monthly alternative club night playing industrial, EBM, dark electro with live bands. Organised by Armalyte Industrial and Monsta Ents, with DJs Jared Louche (Chemlab; Pigface). The one I'll be at has Global Noise Attack and Pro-Jekt and costs £5.

Other than that - I'll be in Nottingham on Friday for Trashstock at Junktion 7, £6 for the Friday for which you get to see Devilish Presley, Patchwork Grace, Drugleader Cheerleader and Snakeskin. There are other ticket options available (for which you can look at the poster in the link provided), covering the following night's events, which I won't be at.
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