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You're a widely read, widely travelled and greatly learnéd 0 bunch - what can you tell me about the theory that exposure to allergens can help you overcome your allergies?

When I was young I had a succesion of cats (though never more than one at a time). One day the last of these cats died, never to be replaced.
Well, maybe to be replaced - except for one thing. About five years later I noticed that when in the presence of cats I'd start sneezing, or my nose would start running.

Something else I've noticed is that if I'm at all scratched by a cat then the skin swells and raises, turning red and blotchy. So I think it's safe to say I'm pretty allergic there.

This is a pity, 'cause I still like cats, I'm just not so keen on sneezing all the time (I'm also not keen on young and energetic kittens that scratch everything, including me).

I've since heard of therapies where someone is introduced to something that causes violent allergic reactions in them, but slowly and in small doses - similar in the ways to which phobias are treated, but dealing with the body rather than mind. I'd like to know if any of you lot know anything more about this kind of thing, and if using anti-histamines (for example) would stop the allergy reduction treatment from being so effective (if, indeed, it is effective in the first place). Failing all that - any ideas on ways to treat or aleviate my symptoms?

0 Did you know that both acute and grave accents can be used for the same purpose in English?

np: Big Electric Cat - Parise Skyes

This weekend just gone I went to the eighth birthday party for Wendy House - I bumped into or was introduced to the following: Lindsay; DaveH; Tori; Amanda; Orange; Angie; Paul(a); Hope; Martin; Gemma; Fury; Pandora; Marquee; Pru and Jo.

Also, on the Saturday, I saw a dalek in the Leeds Fab Cafe (as opposed to the Manchester version, which has a cyberman instead), and heard the original Tracy / Tracey from Coronation Street (so I'm told) DJing Alice Cooper's Poison, amongst other choons.

On the Sunday I realised - to my horror and dismay - that the Dry Dock (a pub in the guise of a converted barge located on a traffic island cum roundabout that teeters on the borderland of Leeds city centre and Leeds Metropolitan University while bounded by multi-storey car parks and the A-something-or-other(M) ringroad) is part of the Scream chain. Which explains the raucousness of its immediate environs towards late evening.

np: Big Country - In a Big Country

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