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unisex chip shop

The BBC has announced they are making a new series of Robin Hood.

Now I know there's plenty of archery, history and re-enactment geeks reading this - so is that type of bow contemporary to Mr. Locksley, or would he have had something else? He probably isn't a mister, he's the son of a lord or something, isn't he? Except he's had his title taken away from him, which is part of the whole point of him turning outlaw. So maybe he is a mister, after all.

Other than all that - certain parts of that article are worrying.

Fun, modern and intelligent...

...updates the popular legend for a sophisticated contemporary audience.

I think we've come up with something cool that's both modern and medieval, with a bit of street, I've even got a hoodie!

We were looking to create an exciting opportunity for fresh, young talent and our Robin Hood delivers on all counts. The casting signals our intention to make Robin Hood for a new generation.

So what's it going to be like - 'street'? Let's hope it's good, and not just a vehicle for all the young stars-of-the-future they can't figure out what else to do with...

Now for a song...

Bill Bailey

Unisex Chip Shop

From Bewilderness, and in the style of Stephen William Bragg (apparently they've performed it on stage together, at Glastonbury).

I used to buy my chips
 from an oppressive chip shop régime.
The girl who worked there, she seemed happy
 But I knew it was not what it seemed.

Do you want salt and vinegar?
 Was what they made 'er say,
But in the language of the ghetto
 That means: Help, I'm a woman in chains.

I wanted to free her,
 In my dreams I would see her
 Running naked through the woods round Rainham.
If I had some tigers I'd train 'em,
 To protect her,
From the sexual fascism that was lurking
 'round the gherkins.


I'd lean across the counter
 And we would talk.
I carved the name Debbie
 On a little wooden fork.
But into the shop
 came a skinhead gang,
They snatched the fork from my hand.
Debbie, she looked at me
 To assert my masculinity.
I said: Oi!
 They said: Wot?
I said:

...and finally...
The mp3 of this week's Now Show is up.

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