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m'aider 2006-05-01

White Rabbits, a pinch, a punch, first of the month.

Beltane / Beáltaine / Bealltainn / Bealtuinn / Beltan / Beltene / bright fire (particularly in rural parts of the UK or all over the world if you're a neo-pagan type).

Walpurgisnacht / Valborgsmässoafton / Vappu / Volbriöö / Valpurģu nakts / Valpurģi / Valpuržina noc / čarodějnice / chódotypalenje / chodojtypalenje (in Germany and Northern Europe, since time immemorial).

Roodmas (Old English, but more recently popularised by Lovecraft).

Calendimaggio (Northern and Central Italy).

Lei Day (for those in Hawaii, which I'm fairly sure will total none who will read this).

International Worker's Day (since 1886 or so).

Labour Day / Labor Day / Dag van de arbeid (except for the UK, USA, Canada (possibly), (some parts of?) Australia, New Zealand, etc - which either don't call it that or have other days set aside).

National Labour Day (in Germany, from 1933 to 1944, but we don't talk about that one).

Saint Joseph's Day (since 1955, Saint Joseph the Worker, apparently).

EuroMayDay (not entirely sure about this one - what's precarization?).

To those in Oxford and St Andrews - don't drown.

I was too tired to get any shopping yesterday, so looks like I'm on sauvignon, amaretto and coffee and cream liqueur for today...

Half-way to Hallowe'en / All Saints Day / Samhain...
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