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Death by Caffeine

death by caffeine
Weight conversions (though personally I consulted wikipedia).
Before you ask, a 'cup' appears to be 8 ounces of the specified substance.

It would take 193.38 cups of Brewed Imported Tea to put you down
773.50 cups of Green Tea + You = Death
After 828.75 cups of Hot Cocoa, you'd be pushing up daisies
After 100.89 cups of Instant Coffee, you'd be pushing up daisies
386.75 cups of Instant Tea + You = Death

Looks like Fry couldn't have attained that zen-like state in Three Hundred Big Boys without coming very close to death.

From skoool
Random Facts:
5,000 mg of caffeine will kill the average person (whatever an average person is);
can be used as an insecticide (presumably in a raw, processed form).
about five hours (three for smokers, along with other (dis?)advantages);
after twelve hours 90% of caffeine will have been removed from the system.
(Alleged) Benefits if ingested:
drinking something containing caffeine about an hour before studying will help ability to study for 20% longer;
makes males more fertile (sperms swim with more vigour);
treatment of asthma;
diet aid.
Popular Myths. It does not:
cause sleepless nights;
create indigestion;
cause bad breath;
raise cholesterol;
increase risk of heart disease.
Withdrawal Symptoms:

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