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As I mentioned a week or so back, my friends list is a bit too big and unwieldly. Added to that, many of the usernames bear no resemblance to the actual people behind them, and generally userinfo doesn't help. Allied with my bad memory I don't have a clue who half the people on my friends list are (i.e. I can't match up the online persona with the person I actually know).

So, I've deleted my entire friends list so I can start over. If you want to be back on it then reply to this post, telling me who you actually are, your full real name, in real life (all replies will be screened as I know there's a few of you who have very good reasons for not wanting your real name easily linkable to online names) and, if different any nicknames I might know you better by. It'd be nice if you could give me a few other contact details too, including address, phone number (especially with Whitby coming up) and birthday.
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