Not yet having left festival mode, I've created a couple of new pages on my website.
is the first, being a listing of the dates of those upcoming festivals which have had their dates confirmed (though I should add October's Whitby to that when I get the chance), and so-far announced bands.
is the second - and has more general details of the festivals, such as where they are, most recent attendance, which year they started.

Any comments? Good or bad? What should I add (both in terms of content and any missing festivals, of which I know there are plenty - Infest and Convergence being obvious examples, assuming they're both still going)?
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how to become a millionaire

The answer is to move to a foreign country. Here's a list of foreign countries, their currencies, and how much you'ld have to have in £UK to be a millionaire/ss:

South African Rand - £73,511.61
United States Dollars - £479,154.20
Thailand Baht - £15,237.87
Singapore Dollars - £331,182.58
Sweden Kronor - £75,414.01
Russia Rubles - £19,489.33
New Zealand Dollars - £373,112.30
Norway Kroner - £89,588.64
Malaysia Ringgits - £143,570.54
Mexico Pesos - £44,736.02
Japan Yen - £4,181.76
India Rupees - £12,214.04
Hungary Forint - £2,762.08
Hong Kong Dollars - £61,713.82
United Kingdom Pounds - £1,000,000.00 (funny that)
Euro - £697,328.13
Denmark Kroner - £93,578.09
China Yuan Renminbi - £64,329.92
Switzerland Francs - £418,332.22
Canada Dollars - £519,385.62
Australia Dollars - £444,286.81

Bored or just procrastinating?
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the wit and wisdom of Boris Johnson

And the mayoral race begins (I don't want him to be mayor, but I'm looking forward to more nuggets like the following in the campaign):

On Larry Vaughan, the fictional mayor of Amityville:
wonderful politician
The real hero of Jaws is the mayor... A gigantic fish is eating your constituents and he decides to keep the beach open. OK, in that instance he was wrong, but in principle we need more politicians like the mayor.
refusal to give way to hysteria... rationality

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debut novel, by a six-year-old

The Sixteen Baby Rabbits

By Trinity Adams

One day a mother rabbit, Clara, had sixteen baby rabbits. One of them, Rhianna, got lost and thought she would stay there forever. Then Rhianna saw a tree, and much to her surprise her mother jumped out from behind the tree and rescued her. Then they hopped their way home.

The End

All characters and situations are fictional and any resemblance to actual characters and events is purely coincidental. Contents ©2006/7 Trinity Adams, aged 6¾

picnic, no piracy

Partly because I've not been there for ages, and partly because I want to row a boat, I'll be picnicing at Hollow Pond near Leytonstone tomorrow.

Hopefully the boats will actually be out on the lake, I've not researched at all, otherwise it'll just be a picnic, with missykittykat, Trinity and anyone else who feels like venturing in to Zone Three.

p.s. and this shall come to pass at about 14:30 (I shall be taking said six year old to the cinema beforehand).
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Lunar eclipse! Now!

p.s. thanks to ms_jinxme for giving me the head's up - no pun intended, at least not when I first wrote that :-).
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Halloween Queen Tour 2007

Eep! Knew I meant to do something - I forgot to buy the single!

Devilish Presley embark on a nationwide tour, starting in February, promoting their new single Halloween Queen. The new single written by J Navarro and J Vixen is released via November 10th Records and as a download via iTunes.

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For further information/photographs please contact the Press Office

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Press Officer

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