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picnic, no piracy

Partly because I've not been there for ages, and partly because I want to row a boat, I'll be picnicing at Hollow Pond near Leytonstone tomorrow.

Hopefully the boats will actually be out on the lake, I've not researched at all, otherwise it'll just be a picnic, with missykittykat, Trinity and anyone else who feels like venturing in to Zone Three.

p.s. and this shall come to pass at about 14:30 (I shall be taking said six year old to the cinema beforehand).
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If that's the boating lake just opposite Whipps Cross hospital, then it's zone 3. That's just a short (5 min) bus ride from where reddragdiva, redcountess and I are now living. :-)

Alas, I don't think I'll be out and about picnicking tomorrow, as I'm getting rather too big to wander far from home - even if it is right opposite the hospital! (In fact, I'm doing my damnedest to avoid having to go into hospital for the birth....) Diva is hovering around me protectively with some trepidation presently, so I don't think he'll be up for picnicking either....
Wow, Trinity is six now? Doesn't time fly?
Only just crawled out of bed and read this. Bit late, as I love that boating lake. Another time for sure!

Deleted comment

Bah! No, it was really 3:18 in the afternoon. Damn daylight saving time. Like I'd get out of bed before 3 on a Sunday! ;)