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Do forgive me, just got to edit this post a little...
H.G. WellsThe War in the Air2006-12-07T12:??Z
Wells predicting the future of warfare (before the invention of sustained manned flight). Quite close to the mark in the politic situation in Europe, though not so close on the effects of a world war (but then not many people at the time would have believed a world war would have been likely or possible).
George Rippey StewartThe Earth Abides2006-12-10T21:25Z[B]
Post-apocalyptic future-gazing, fifties-style.
Tony WhiteSatan! Satan! Satan!2006-12-14T16:41Z2006-12-17T23:32Z
As bad as it sounds, but I had to buy it (twice) because it featured a Goth festival in Whitby. Research was negligible, for some reason the Leeds-based Goths had to get a coach to Scarborough and a half-hour bus journey on to Whitby (in reality there's a direct Yorkshire Coastliner from Leeds to Whitby, and the Scarborough -> Whitby bus takes over an hour, as I well know.
James HerbertThe Rats2007-01-10T21:25Z2007-01-14T21:00Z
David HaylesThe Suicide Kit2007-01-18T07:55Z2007-01-19T21:15Z
Elizabeth KostovaThe Historian2006-12-30T15:37Z[B]
The next bibliogoth book, not started reading it yet (and I would've started this night, but can't seem to located it now).

I'm currently reading (theoretically):

Susanna ClarkeJonathan Strange and Mr Norrell[B]2007-01-10T21:21Z
Brilliant so far, if long-winded.
Peter AckroydHawksmoor
Not about Hawksmoor for some inexplicable reason.
Patricia PierceOld London Bridge: The Story of the Longest Inhabited Bridge in Europe
A factual book on the history of the first stone bridge to cross the Thames.
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