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Forward-dated entry

Leave random comments here (as opposed to irrelevant comments on other posts) :)
More infoCollapse )Anyway, now you know.
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hey did you enjoy the rest of the goth weekend, silly question..of course you did! this is me by the way, so now you know!
i recognised the username immediately (no idea how), though i've not gone through my notepad yet to transfer all the contact details i collected :)

i can't remember - what were you doing for accomodation on the other nights? hope you had a good journey home.

Re: kittyness


11 years ago


11 years ago

what's your email address?
i have a few, which you can now gain access to.
Hey there Sheridan, it's Anthony who you met at BOYD, disappeared in an ambulance then bumped into again in the Dev on Sun.

how did you find me?

*adds back*

Re: cool


11 years ago

argh! now i have to try and remember who you are - real names / lj names always end up confusing me :)

Screened comment

Unfortunately I won't be in London while you're there. You might want to join Sluts, one of the London Goth mailing lists (can't remember the uri, but londongothsluts should have it somewhere) and ask on there. I'd suggest you go to Kryptorium, but then I would, because it's run by a friend of mine :) On the other hand Synthetic Culture or Slimelight are more likely to play techno-type stuff.

p.s. Sluts has a pub meet on Thursday - if you join the mailing list (or maybe check the community closer to the date) then you'll find out which pub it'll be this week - it changes each week, according to which pub people vote for - very organised, but has caused much friction in the past.

Where else are you going on your holiday (or is it a business trip)?
Image hosted by
Ayeup ^_^
Could you put up the dates for the Corpse Bride/Streamboy? Ive missplaced (probably thrown away in mass purge)the Hull screen leaflet.Thankyou
Lucky you reminded me - I completely forgot about going to that cinema. Corpse Bride is 2006-01-21 at 14:00 and Steamboy is 2006-02-04, at the same time (and the day after Eating the Elephant). Both cost a lowly £1.50 (being designed as kid's matinées).

post scriptum


11 years ago



January 25 2006, 16:43:30 UTC 11 years ago

name of that picture with words in?
Just a message to say I'm off to beddybyes. Was great catching up - Great idea to have a forward dated post for this kind of purpose!
Nephii :o)
Going to bed at 21:00? Work must be really tiring!

Sorry to contact you this way. I left a post on gothhousing recently but the landlord wants the house back and I can't delete it. Can it be removed please?
I think it'd be a better idea for you to edit it so that it says it's no longer available than to just delete it, though also it's quite an old post so I doubt people will read back that far...

Re: housing


11 years ago

thats interesting, does that mean i am not counted amongst the rather odd stalker types then? ;0)
Hummm - I had something along the lines of stalker as the subject of a post years ago, and autocomplete meant that every post after that would automagically have the same subject line. Hope that doesn't happen this time...

Didja get back from that place you went that I can't remember now, even though I asked you about it?

And... you've not done any scary stalker stuff (that I've yet discovered), so you're in the priveleged group of people that has access to my incoherent ramblings.

It's late. That's my excuse (tonight).



11 years ago



11 years ago

testing, testing
Any Chance of sending me those couple of pics you took of me on NYE - as now i've learnt how to do icons i'd like to use them. Cheers.
little rosie from down south needs to tslk to big steve. My big brothers have no credit . cant find blog. Ring rosie . 1991 reckitt thats far it goes back. Phil , sraylight , can't find you or steve !! o7980 609 49**. Maybe in spiders 2 moro. xx maybe.
Hi Sheridan, how are you?

I have a live journal at last. Made today out of necessity. How are you, and when will we see you in London again? I will make it up to Yorkshire, after all you have the wonderful Ryburn 3 step Folk company up there! Please may I friend you if that's ok?

Hope you're ok and not been knocked back with the seasonal colds that seem to be going around. Avast the garlic! That's the god to pray to this season! Only kidding.

Take care of yourself.

All the best, Abigail.X :)
I'm assuming Ryburn is a place, but I've never heard of it (then again, Yorkshire is quite big). Unless you have really fast reactions, then you'll be added to my friends list by the time you read this, and shall have the ability to read my friends-only posts...
you added me.. but but whhhoooo are yooou? :o
Now I'm racked with doubt about my self-knowledge, but the easier answer is: friend of Geof's, was at his birthday party in York the other week Hi!

Re: who am i?


11 years ago

Are you keeping an eye on slimelight at the moment? Just wondering due to the recent bout of eBay spammage it's been getting...
I hadn't looked at it that recently - shall take a gander now though - thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Re: actually


10 years ago


Hope that you are doing well these days...
Changeable - sometimes good, sometimes bad. Are you over here any time soon? Next month, perchance? How are things going with you? I've been mostly offline for the last month - shall try to catch up soon!

Re: how do


10 years ago

Re: how do


10 years ago

That party at Treadwells was way back in June. No, Offstage Books from Camden, moved in to our space downstairs, hence launch party to let everyone know they'd moved!

Yes, I'm going to the Dance of the Damned, are you?

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Can we please have our spade back when you are in Hull next?
Old joke I know - yes, you can have your spade back, though not sure how to get it back to you. Do you have any transport other than cycles? There's a chance I might just be back in KuH to pick up my passport and then come back to London - if so I might be able to drop it in at the Admiral on the way back to the station (I'd literally only be there on Saturday daytime). Otherwise I might be back for the whole of Thursday...
Hi i found Karen's LJ at work today and friended her, but for some reason yours crashed my browser so i wasn't able to add you there. But now I would like to if thats okay.
Strange - can't see why my lj in particular would crash a browser - I don't have any javascript on it, or any special effects...

Re: lj


9 years ago


can you remove offensive entry on gothousing community?


Any idea who the arsehole was?

(done, btw)

Re: offence


9 years ago

hello blossom, are you whitbying? if so i have another question
You haven't done your usual 'what's on at Whitby' post - I missed it! See you there hopefully!
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