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Leave random comments here (as opposed to irrelevant comments on other posts) :)
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add me as hazejam I have moved!
Welcome to the arse-end of the country, you bounder!

Shall have to add you to my friends list, once I've pruned it a little...

Good evening sir.
We met on Thursday evening at the Screaming Banshee Aircrew gig at the 'New' Adelphi in Hull via moomingoth™. May I be added to your Friends list(s) please? I like the geeky stuff about computer history and quizzes too.
Feel free to add me to your Friends list irrespective of your decision sir.
I hope this finds you well.
Rachael.... :)

Will do, I just have to prune my current list first. Should tell you though, I don't actually do quizes that often - that custom group is more in case I do.

I can't find the email you sent me - my email has been terribly dodgy, sorry (the ventilation broke and the University server melted into a shiny Christmas ball on the 24th).
Anyway - I have been in Dorset, and am now back in London, but I have to rewrite an article and put together a course syllabus so I am a bit busy to be sociable. Sorry about that. Hope to see you at bibliogoth - I will keep an eye for the date changing.

I can't remember whether you're on the bibliogoth LJ community, but you are on the mailing list now, right? If no to either of these (or if your email is still playing up) - Bibliogoth is the Sunday after next (16th). Doesn't matter if you haven't read the book, just turn up anyway.

Boo. 'Tis Jen. Met you at Tim's party the other night. Mind if I add you to LJ?

Ennet. Ra-hawwwwk.

No worries - I've put you on a couple of custom friends groups too - you're in a band, so you get on my artistes group (it's helpful when I'm working on some aspects of my website) and my Yorkshire group, coz you live in or near it!
You're the first person I've added to my friends list since I messed around creating a what custom friends list are you on page - you should be able to see the following on the above link, if I got it right:

contact me!
quiz post
yorkshire post (not the newspaper)
Hi Sheridan, it's Lizzie (going out with Rob Voices of Masada, at Cambridge, just in case you had no clue who I am) I've finally sold my soul and got a Live Journal, hope you don't mind if I 'friend' you.

Friended back!

erm. hello.
Please leave my friends list before I have to get really really pissed.

Why do you need to get drunk? And I'm not even on your friends list so I don't know what on earth you're talking about.
Hello, I was put in contact with you via ladycat. I have an image of her that I have in a gallery of friends on my fotopic site here. I have previously been unaware that the image was your copyrite but upon finding out i have attributed it in comment on the image and have provided a link back to your original image.

I was writing to request use of the image in this capacity both retrospectively and also for in the future. If this is a problem just say and I will take the image down. Normally I would have asked first, I just didn't realise who I needed to ask!

Warm Regards,

I thought I'd already replied to this. It's fine for you to use the image as you are right now, but could you change the link to please? Oh, and put a Image used with permission line there somewhere (can't remember what you've got there already). Ta!
Really need to figure out what to do re: copyright of my images, website, etc - possibly go for a creative commons licence, or similar...

np: Gene Loves Jezebel - Jealous

Re: oops


12 years ago


As requested!
I have taken the liberty of adding you to my friends list as we seem to have a lot of common friends. Feel free to reciprocate.

Plus we live in the same city - I was briefly introduced to you at Eating the Elephant at the end of last year (probably by Tim). Impressed to see that you tailor your own suits.

Heya! Can I have your address please? I need to send you an invite to my wedding... ;-)
P.S. alixandrea AT norse DOT org DOT uk
(Might help) ;-)
Heya, are you still reviewing CD's? 'Cos we've just brought out our new album, Vodka Milk, and will chuck a freebie your way if you want it. Mail me at band @ if so - P.S. are you going to whitby? Haven't seen you for aaaages...?

Lucy xxx

Have emailed you at above address. See you at Whitby!

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

Oi Mister! I added you back to my flist ages ago!


;) x

Yes, and I put friended you back, but then you took me off again, so I took you off. :P

do you like The Streets?

They're okay - I'm not sure I'd buy anything by them, but they're good to listen to. The second track on the first promo you gave me reminded me of them.

Hey there, sorry its taken a while to get in touch...

just wanted to point out that i created a group called UK_CIDER if you were interested after our conversation at Squid's party. Was there some other stuff i was supposed to tell you/find out about the cider friendly pubs in Tufnell park? There is also a post about the pergola on the heath in my journal that i can dig out if you are still interested it as an interesting picnic/book reading venue...

Next time you are in london I'd be happy to hook up and wonder arounda few places or what ever :)

Shall have to check out uk_cider (I'm guessing that's right) when I get back from London, for that's where I'm going this weekend. Probably not time to meet up, unfortunately, and not the time after that, which will be the weekend of the 22nd. Should put up a post about it, but this weekend I'm going to be at Dead and Buried on Friday and New Dark Age 3 on the Saturday (Devilish Presley, Voices of Masada, Quidam and All Gone Dead - doors at 19:30). Two weekends time it'll be Ritual on the Friday, a birthday picnic in Regentas Park on the Saturday and a BiblioGoth picnic also in Regents Park on the Sunday.

np: The Creatures - But Not Them (live)
what a good idea! how did you do that? i think everyone should have one - i'm always putting irrelevant things in peoples lj's just coz i want to get intouch with them!
i was actually popping by to remind you that you need to send a cheque for your and frans pool party tickets before 5th June as i have them saved for you. cheques to R.Palmer (£6 per ticket) to Happygoff Pool Party, 25 Fillebrook Rd, Leytonstonem London,E11 4AU

did you have a good whitby btw?
Hey couldn't help notice you're in Hull and in a recent post you were looking for a restaurant for good vegetarian options. i'm in Hull and vegan, and the best place of all is Hitchcocks (which I'm sure you've heard about by now). Anyway if you wanna chat, leave a comment on my livejournal with your email adress and I'll add you. Bye!
Your livejournal doesn't allow people not on your friends list to comment...



11 years ago

Hello. djpsyche told me you are a fellow stripey enthusiast. (As am I). Mind if I add you as a friend? ;)

Feel free - and if you do end up moving to Leeds then you're (apparently, haven't made the journey yet) only an hour or two on train from me. Anything to encourage me to go to Wendyhouse and similar.

Nice website!
sheridan, are you going to be at whitby in october?

I'll be at Whitby, though I doubt I'll be getting a ticket.

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