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Leave random comments here (as opposed to irrelevant comments on other posts) :)
More infoCollapse )Anyway, now you know.
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Milk and one sugar.

NP. Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubine

Due to that opus of a statement, my comments page on this post now goes to two pages :)

hello found you whilst looking at the biblogoth info. May I add you to my freinds list?
The biblogoth thing sounds fantastic but unfortunatly I don't live in london and would never be able to come to the moots. :( Nice choice of book mind :)

I'm sure I shall soon find out (when I look at your userinfo), but where do you live? There are other chapters of Bibliogoth outside London. Well, okay one - in Colchester, which is pretty close to London anyway, but we aren't averse to expansion - there might be a third one soon!
Can I assume that you've read the book in question? There's nothing stopping you from joining the mailing list or the LJ community and contributing in that way - maybe commenting on the notes when I put them up?

Oh, and feel free to add me to your friends list!

Heya, hope you and Fran can come on saturday, if not we might go for a pint somewhere around here one of these days... do you mind giving me Fran's eMail, I have some hair dye question ! :)
oh, the point of this post:
Ben and I are planning on driving to the next Colchester meeting and so if you wanna ride with us let me know, and let we know if Fran is coming too. We are not 100% sure yet, but even if he does not go, I am coming, and then let me know how you go there and etc so I can hop along...

I'm not going to post Fran's email address here as it would then be possible for spam-bots to pick it up - haven't you got it anyway? From when we were trying to get a Whitby ticket from you?

I'd definately be interested in getting a lift to/from Colchester, though from what you've said it appears that you're going to be going up on the Sunday, instead of the Saturday (which means we'd be able to go to the Insanitorium gig). Even if you are going up on the Sunday I'd like to get a lift back with you, if at all possible.

cheers re my newby!just got ur text am pretty good in slimes on sat
luv julie-anne

Don't know what I'm doing this weekend yet - haven't been to Slimes... erm, this year I think...

I am so sorry I missed bibliogoth last week - I was strangely confident it was this weekend and I've only just checked it.
And now you will be quitting London and I will have failed utterly to keep up with you. Grrrr, and sundry noises of annoyance.

Many many apologies. Hope all is well.

I'll forgive you if you can make it to the next meeting for Crash! on the last day of this month - when are you next going to be in London?

Forgot to thank you - some very nice piccies there...

Hello how's it going with the house? can you email me please and let me know? A
Meeting at Ellie's about 2:30-3:00pm tomorrow. My mobile number is 07904163278. Call me if there's any problems or something. And yes, I'm still refusing to get a livejournal.
We were talking last night about Christian Death and Sinister Ducks. Maybe I'll add a bit them to my own site, due to the Bauhaus connection. Anyway, I'll check out your 'Wilde Wood' a bit more later on.
Now, this is random..
How did you find the info about RazorBladeKisses that's on your list of bands in your website?

/me has a look at my website, realises that there's a typo in the url, fixes it, then says: No idea, I get my info from magazines, fanzines, press releases, other websites, mailing lists and news groups. Not to mention LiveJournal. I sometimes make a note of my sources, but not in this case.

Is the information that I have up there correct? I would say that I'll set about getting that entry up-to-date, but I'm a bit busy right now (not least of which is migrating my website to it's new server, as linked above) - shall look at it all soon though.

Re: razorbladekisses


13 years ago

Re: razorbladekisses


13 years ago

hello, i'm probably very wrong about this but do you run the slimelight livejournal? many thanks

I started it, but it pretty much runs itself! Are you the Diana I know from Whitby and Sluts a couple of years ago?

Re: yup


13 years ago

Hi Sheridan. I have sent quite a few emails to which I have received no reply. I know you always get back to me so I have no idea what the problem is. I sent you a list of the "little services" Devilish Presley wonder if you can do. First off we need you to be at Dead and Buried to help us park and unload at 4-40pm on the 2nd April. I can give you all the other info (Whitby flyers/Verge gig and Gotham) at DnB. We will come to our usual arrangement with you :-)

Hope you and Fran are ok and we have a devilishpresley LJ now so you can come a callin" Love J&Jxxx

I've been recieving your emails and replying to them - maybe I'm getting caught in your spam filters (on the server rather than your computer)?

My replies basically said: yup - everything you said is okay and I'm looking forward to the gigs. Now I'm off to look at your LJ and add to my friends list (guess I'll have to update your artistes index entry too).


April 23 2004, 06:45:19 UTC 13 years ago

How many rats do you have these days?
I hear you did an amazing job dishing out the flyers at Whitby for Nik ourselves and Martin so once again we are indebted to you. Hope you had a fab time my friend and see you sson. J&Jxxxxxxxxxxx
Great to see you and Fran in Colchester and I hope your lift arrived soon after we left, we felt bad leaving you there. Looking forward to seeing you at Gotham, Brian is roadie in residence for the day so it should be a laugh. take it easy 'til then. J&Jxxxxxxx

No worries - the car literally turned up less than a minute after you left - we didn't even have a chance to cross the road and sit on a wall after you left.

While I'm typing this I'm also sending you some pictures I took last night (bearing in mind I was using a new camera and don't know how it works yet).

Hi Sheridan, tis Alison here, (we met at Devilish Presley in Colchester at the weekend and nearly staying with you in Whitby thanks to Carl) add me back??

Jacqui Vixen tells me you're the one to collect tickets from Gotham anyway, so I guess I'll next be seeing you then x.

Hi, I am handing out tickets, though I haven't been told who I'm handing them out to yet (though from what you've said I'm guessing you're one of them).

Sorry if I was a bit flaky last night I was fairly drunk.
I looked up today and yes Horace Walpole was a Member of Parliament and even delivered a speech defending his father (not that he would be bias!)I now also know that he was the same Walpole commenting on the American War For Indipendence. What a streach from this book hunh? He was also friends with Grey. Who wrote Elegy Written in a Country Church yard. I'm not assuming that you don't know this stuff allready but if you don't I thought you might like to!

I will definitely be there for Strawberry Hill!
Best wishes
Hello Sheridan - I'm adding you , if that's okay.

I've taken the liberty of "adding" you my man, following our pleasant conversation in Dead & Buried the other night.


I must see if this works :)

Looking forward to finding out...

I am trying again.

Re: test


12 years ago

Sheridan thanks and ever thanks. J&Jxx

No worries.

Eek. You're not on livejournal - you're on livejournal-and-a-half. Nonetheless, consider yourself added. Add me, add me! I'm not normally as psychotic as I was on Saturday, honest!

Livejournal and a half? Because of large amount of people on friends list, lots of interests or something else?

Re: hum?


12 years ago

i believe i owe you a comic monsieur? sadly fled whitby a little before your elsinorian engagement. happily post you one for my failings,
x geof

Cool! I shall be in London this weekend, attending bibliogoth on the Sunday, or I could put you on my custom friend list that lets you see my address?

Hi hon, was good to meet you on monday :-) you are a rather interesting person I would like to get to know better will you add me please?
Hi hon, was good to meet you on monday :-) you are a rather interesting person I would like to get to know better will you add me please?

Just got back this hour - so tired - shall add you in just a second...

I think we were playing I have Never... in the Elsinore on monday?
Or you could be a completely different Sheridan :)

I'm the right sheridan, but I can't figure out which of the many people who played that game you are...

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