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Leave random comments here (as opposed to irrelevant comments on other posts) :)

Y'know when people put up entirely inappropriate posts on a random entry, just so that they can get into contact with someone?  Well, you don't have to do that now - you can just post here (it'll always[*] be at the top of my LJ page, and won't appear on other people's friends pages for all eternity either).
No doubt there'll be other things which I'll think of that everyone has to know right now which I may add to this entry in the future, but for the present, this is it.
[edit] If you want to be put onto my friends list, comment here. Note that almost my entire LJ is friends-only, so I can avoid psychos and stupid people (as previously mentioned on my userinfo page).
If you are on my friends list, and want to be taken off my geekery custom friends list (because you've got fed up of reading 'interesting' little bits of computer history, code fragments, notes and questions on computing in my LJ) then comment here.
Oh, and to make this all contemporary and reflective of current news - you might notice that this makes my LJ as a whole opt-in (like the good-ish spam) while the geekery friends list is opt-out (like the evil spam) >:D
Oh, and I'll be doing the same thing for a quizzes custom friends list (not that I ever post quizes and questionairres anyway).
[*]The date will be subject to change as I had wanted it to be the same as my estimated longevity. Unfortunately LJ doesn't yet support dates that far into the future (not sure if that's a good or bad thing).
Anyway, now you know.
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How's the deathrock scene in London?

The Deathrock scene doesn't really exist in London - we've got a little punk (though I don't know anything about that scene), and a few goth-type places, that have limited amounts fo deathrock...

Re: such convenience


13 years ago

My scalp itches
cant touch it
cant touch it

oh the joys of vanity & big hair

i should get going.
i've got to be fashionably late to a horrible ebm club.
the things i do for my friends...


What are you doing?

Why can't you touch it?  I know that if I looked at your LJ I could probably find out, but I'm waiting for something to download so that I can close the browser so that I can restart it with a new plug-in.  I'm guessing either hair spray or extensions...

I was as fashionably late for a club as I've ever been in my life last week - I got there at five.  Just in case there's any confusion - the club opened at ten (p.m.), I got there at five (a.m.) and then the club closed at half seven (a.m.) - though I knew I was going to get in free, I'd been to a party, and I like London by night.

I'm currently trying to work up the energy to make some food, before going to bed, before meeting someone tomorrow, before going to another party (you don't go to any parties for ages, then a load come along at once - at least they're not all on the same day this time)

Why do you not want to go out?  'coz it's ebm, and (from what I can tell) your tastes don't include that kind of thing?

np: Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald - Dream a Little Dream of Me (see!  Wide musical tastes!)

Re: Yup


14 years ago

Re: Yup


14 years ago

Deleted comment


14 years ago

Deleted comment


14 years ago

Deleted comment


14 years ago



14 years ago

This is such a cool idea.
I think I might have to plagiarize it :)
Mr Eleganza

And it's taken me this long to have a look to see if you did or not (shows how much of a procrastinator I am)

Re: Dang


14 years ago

Re: Dang


13 years ago

your mom.

haha! why is it always so funny?

yeah. i don't know you.

It is definately a random comment, though 'your mom' isn't funny.

LJ was down last night -- don't have your number -- don't know if you will get this on time but you ARE on the guest list for B-Movie tonight. :)

What's more - 'ray!
See you there (but only if I get my skates on and get out of the house (which will involve leaving the now-working LJ behind *sob*)

np: Siouxsie and the Banshees - Trust in Me
wegsjhkl8l,ghx,lduuyl;;yc.jnb ,, see ya soon hon. thanx for coming down thursday. keep flyin the flag.x
look at my lj for tonight's details. x
Coming to Brighton Torture Garden (Next Friday)? It's ridiculously expensive (fifteen quid) but I want lots of people to come and keep George and I company. We can definitely put some people up.
Best wishes with your lifey stuff.

I probably wouldn't have liked the music, and it's an awful lot of money, though I may be open to going to a future event (there seem to be fairly regular Brightonian TG events), just have to figure out what I would wear...

Future dates?


14 years ago

My current email addy for you does not work, so here is a forwarded email.

"I've suddenly got Saturday afternoon free. So, I will
probably be cooking and stuff. It occurs to me that
people eat on Saturdays. I was wondering if any of you
would like to come to my place late Saturday, eat
food, drink drink, and then either swan off to
whatever nefarious plottings you have planned for the
evening, or just chill.

My flat is three stops up from Angel for anyone
sliming and should be fairly easy to get to anywhere

Food will be homemade Indian and include vegetian and
carnivorous options. Drink will be excessive, though
obviously not compulsory.


Rich (Squid)"

Of course, not having had the original email (unless you sent it to a nasty web-based account I know longer use - yahoo? hotmail?) I don't know who the other invitees are - though I'm sure I can judge your dinner party inviting skillz :)

What time is it all kicking off?

np: West Side Story - I Feel Pretty
Ftp set up as agreed.

I came over you`re profile due to TheLondeners and would like to add you.
Is that okay with you?
~ Claudia

Feel free - I tried to add you just now but LJ didn't seem to like it, I'll try again in a few minutes

*fell through the Pupple warphole*
*looks around at this strange new world.......*
/me takes a look at the Pupple warphole

*wonders where it leads*

Did you enjoy the Type O Negative gig? I liked it but it was about 1/2 hour too short in my opinion! - I saw your post about this goth book thingy on a Sunday. Is it every Sunday? Would love to come along. E mail with info and i'll see what I can do on other occasions( I was in Brighton this Sunday btw) It's, and darkmist1 on ICQ. Check my E mail more frequently though.

I enjoyed the Type O gig - would probably go again next time they played - and I managed to grab the bottle of water Mr. Steele through at the end (just when I needed it too - I was parched).

Next Bibliogoth meet should be around the 19th, or the 26th of July (this one will be a Saturday, so far they've all been on Sundays) - and the book is Joseph Heller's Catch 22.

Sheri honey :) What was the LJ name of Naiomi from the Bibliogoth meet???

Though if she has an LJ (and not everyone has, believe it or not :)), then Thunder might know.

Are you on It's Your Turn?

Re: Don't know.


14 years ago

Hi. Got your message. Oh why are they running this meet on a bloody Saturday? Sundays are better for me as I work Saturdays. Is it during the day or in the evening? If it's during the day I'll not be able to go. :-( I really wanted to as well. Is this Saturday thing a one off, or is it always gonna be a Saturday now? - Hope not! (Also, I've read Catch 22. Didn't really like it though. The back and forth to present and past confused me a bit!)What's your actual E mail address so I don't have to go through LJ? I'm on
Hey I tried to send an e-mail to your addy but it bounced... what is your current e-mail? Or just mail me at

Someone else tried to send email to that address and I couldn't figure out where they'd got it, as that addy ran out nearly two years ago, and I'd updated my profiles on LJ, netgoth and wherever else. I'd also updated the menu at the top of my website. Except, I know realise, for one - the one on the index page - oops - it's all updated now.

Hello, it's me - I shall add you to my friends list. Hopefully you'll recognise little me by my picture. don't like onions much, do you?

Oh, and I've a pretty good idea who you are - going to Slimes tonight?

Re: So...


13 years ago

Hello, I'm the random bird with the stripey tights.
Hey, could you SMS me so I've got your number in case I get lost on Sunday? 07812 048684

(Er, I always get lost...)

If I don't phone & don't turn up for Bibliogoths, it's 'cos I ran out of energy and have gone somewhere to sleep :p
hi sheridan its philippa. I'm going to add you now.

Realised next time I was online that I hadn't taken enough care to try to remember your LJ name...

You're added back - you'll be able to see a bit more now I've done that...

Re: rar!


13 years ago

I'm a rather intelligent Psychotherapisty type I'm also quite a geek as well.

I'm at sweetcyanide's thing-which-isn't-a-house-or-a-flat-but-something-in-between [0], and she's just explained to me who you are (in words of three syllables or less).

Erm, added - just after I post this.

[0] maisonette

Sheridan - e mail me again about this Sat!
Please can I have posting access to bibliogoth? Pretty please? And please can I be put back on the mailing list? :) x

As a matter of interest (and because you're not the only one to ask), why do you want posting access? Or do you just want to be able to reply to posts, which you can already?

What's the best email address for you to be subscribed as? Same as with Sluts?

Deleted comment

Sorry, I've put it behind an lj-cut, and am looking at the html now...

Deleted comment

Did you once live around the Inverness area?

Why, was there once a Sheridan there? Or a Wilde perhaps?

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