sheridan (sheridanwilde) wrote,

wake up on the internet

You're all a bunch of inveterate 'net addicts, right? I'm not the only person who drags themselves home, fit only to collapse on the floor, or possible a bed, if it's not too far from the floor until the 'net beckons, with it's livejournal and google and internet messengers and (dread forbid) mice base and suddenly you can drag a few more hours of consciousness from your protesting body and mind.

At some point that was supposed to be a question, but it got lost somewhere.

More Goth shennanigans here and, I daresay here. Don't ask how I came by that information.

p.s. one of those links contains a very small amount of information about Colour Me Kubrick, but it'll be really disappointing, especially if you're one of the people in it. Unless you live in a certain geographical location. Maybe.
Tags: goth, random drunk ramblings
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